what people (boys) need to understand is that by saying shit like “why focus on mens rights versus womens rights why not focus on human rights” what you are basically doing is erasing the stone cold fact that women are systematically and institutionally oppressed and have been for like literally the entire history of the world and men have not so just you know stop trying to ignore that with your pseudo-humanitarian crap

this gifset is a repost the original one is here please reblog that one because it is unfair to take credit for someone else’s work

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Music of the Day:

Fix My Eyes - For King and Country

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HAUNTED:  Are you afraid of the dark? [a mix for haunted houses and those things you wish you wouldn’t see out of the corner of your eye]

01. Empty House - Air 02. Flickers - Son Lux 03. Bela Lugosi’s Dead - Nouvelle Vague 04. House Of The Rising Sun - Lauren O’Connell 05. Seven Devils - Florence & the Machine 06. O Death - Jen Titus 07. Charade - Belle Mare 08. Eyes On Fire - Blue Foundation 09. Something Rotten - Placebo 10. Hotel California - The Eagles 11. Haunted - Radical Face 12. Something In The Way - Nirvana 13. Harsh Realm - Widowspeak 14. Gallows - CocoRosie 15. Oh, Willow Waly - Isla Cameron 16. This Is Halloween (Music Box Version)The Nightmare Before Christmas

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Excerpt from my short story part 2

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Excerpt from my short story part 1 (basically these are the newest random scenes I’ve written that are not connected chronologically at the moment)

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It isn’t until after Ray has fallen asleep that he hears it.

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Harry Potter is highly satisfied with our brand new bed.

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